Ken-Mar-Ke Resort is located on Bostic Bay on the southern shore of Lake of the Woods. We are close to the mouth of the Rainy River and Morris Point Gap. Some of the best walleye and northern pike fishing areas on the lake are within two miles of our resort.


• Ultra-modern housekeeping cabins
• Beautiful Log Lodge with Dining Room and Bar
• Modified American Plan
• Winter Angling houses with Bombardier Transportation
• Guided Charter Walleye Fishing
• Protected Harbor, 2 boat ramps
• Game room
• Wireless Internet
• Special packages & plans available


A few pictures of the lake today windy today with some snow blowing around. We had about 4 inches of snow last night with some wind today picking it up in the air. With the warm temperatures this past week the lake had open water across zippel bay and Morris point and pine island also. As of this morning it was pushing back together and hopefully freeze back up. Looks to be in the single digits tonight and then a few more warm days before turning much colder. Keep your fingers crossed. Bostic bay didn't change much but with the snow last night looks to be flooding over the top of it and refreezing. Be safe and stay off the lake. Watch for futher updates. ...

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Ken Mar Ke Resort
RV Camping Lake of the Woods | Ken Mar Ke Resort
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Ken Mar Ke Resort
RV Camping Lake of the Woods | Ken Mar Ke Resort