Ken-Mar-Ke Resort is located on Bostic Bay on the southern shore of Lake of the Woods. We are close to the mouth of the Rainy River and Morris Point Gap. Some of the best walleye and northern pike fishing areas on the lake are within two miles of our resort.

Ken Mar Ke Resort Ice Fishing Packages Lake of the Woods

• Ultra-modern housekeeping cabins
• Beautiful Log Lodge with Dining Room and Bar
• Modified American Plan
• Winter Angling houses with Bombardier Transportation
• Guided Charter Walleye Fishing
• Protected Harbor, 2 boat ramps
• Game room
• Wireless Internet
• Special packages & plans available


4 hours ago

Ken Mar Ke Resort

Some views of Bostic from the road crossing checked a little ways up Bostic today 4 to 5 inches with spots in the mail channel that are less. Hardly any snow on the ice so now we need cold weather. Its been cold but not bitter cold for making ice so the process is slow till we see that pattern. The lake is frozen about 2 miles out maybe a little further. But field glasses show open water further out. With the pictures showing it a little rough but not to bad. We will have to see what the next few days bring. The ice is not safe on the lake so stay off. Bostic creek up to the spear grounds is getting better but not quite ready we will be checking again after the weekend. Watch for further updates. Be safe we will let you know when it's ready. Thanks Bob and Kolton kenmarke Resort ice report. Stay safe stay off for now. ...

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Ken Mar Ke Resort
RV Camping Lake of the Woods | Ken Mar Ke Resort
Ken Mar Ke Resort Fishing Packages Lake of the Woods
Ken Mar Ke Resort
RV Camping Lake of the Woods | Ken Mar Ke Resort